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Located in Downtown Kingston Ontario

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How Can I Get Better Chiropractic Care?

How can I get the most out of my adjustments? If you’re coming for chiropractic care we already know that you’re interested in living a healthy and balanced life but your investment doesn’t stop in the clinic. You’re also responsible for supporting your treatments at home. One of the key factors in any patient’s recovery is […]

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The importance of keeping mobile

What mobility can do for you Our ability to move well is central to everything we do. Being mobile allows us to live life to its fullest extent, doing what we need to do to engage fully. Whether you want to exercise, play with your kids, do yard work, or any basic health pursuit, it […]

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Are You in Balance?

We have all heard the importance of living in balance.  It is critical for our health as well as personal and professional success.   But this article isn’t about achieving life balance, for that we encourage you to speak to our life coach. What we are going to describe is the importance of maintaining balance […]

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The Best Time to Stretch!

When is the Best Time to Stretch?   We always get asked when the best to time is, if ever, to stretch. Stretching has proven to be great for your muscles and your health, yet there are certain times when it can be most beneficial and times where it can be harmful. It’s critical that […]

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Vitamin D for D-fense!

Why you need vitamin D and what it does Vitamin D has been the hottest supplement in the past few years…and with good reason! Study after study confirms vitamin D’s role in regulating over 1000 genes in the body. With regards to preventing infections and cancer, vitamin D supplementation may turn out to be one […]