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Are you fit and ready for the summer?

Get Set for an Active Summer! Warm weather is finally here,  and we can start our plans for the summer: camping, canoeing, hiking, running, sports etc.  To ensure that you’re moving efficiently, and using your body the way it was designed to be used, you want to consider having a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). When we […]

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How to Sit comfortably

If you can learn different ways to organize your posture in sitting, this can make sitting for an extended time more comfortable and less stressful. Here is a very short and easy series of movements you can do in your chair to promote sitting with more awareness, variability and comfort. Movements 1. Sit at the front of […]

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The importance of keeping mobile

What mobility can do for you Our ability to move well is central to everything we do. Being mobile allows us to live life to its fullest extent, doing what we need to do to engage fully. Whether you want to exercise, play with your kids, do yard work, or any basic health pursuit, it […]

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Why you should STOP SLOUCHING!

The body is particularly proficient at adapting to the stresses and demands you create for it. Holding a slumped shoulder posture over long periods of time causes the pectoral (chest) muscles to shorten and become immobile and tight. As the body is one harmonized system

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Winter’s Here! Shovel Right to Prevent a Back Injury!

Winter has finally graced us with her presence! As we get ourselves active and prepared to tackle shovelling that first snowfall, it is important to think about using safe techniques to prevent hurting ourselves. It is common for us to see as chiropractors or massage therapists, patients coming to ourLive Well Centre with new or re-aggravated back injuries. This can include pulled and spastic muscles, lumba