Headache Protocol: Supplements to Take

Nov 10, 2023



If you have long been suffering from headaches,
we may have a great solution for you!

Headaches can be complex, and need to be looked at properly, to not only help you reduce the pain and suffering, but also to make sure they aren’t part of another serious health issue.

Taking away mechanical causes of headaches, which often are associated with neck issues, headaches can be related to hormones, stress, diet, and many other environment factors.


Magnesium Glycinate …Number one for tension headaches, and strongly involved in muscle relation and function

Food sources ….Leafy greens, nuts and seeds IF in the soil

Supplement ..start with 500mg daily for 2 weeks

SALT…. Prevents dehydration

1-2 tsp added to drinking water daily, use Redmond REAL salt

Co enzyme Q10… Migraine prevention. Involved in cellular growth and maintenance, and energy system in the brain cells

Food Sources..meat, fish, nuts, it is produced in the body but lowers with age and with the use of Statins

Supplement 150mg daily

VIT D …. Helps decrease inflammation, relieve muscles aches and joint pain, improves immune function.

MUST be taken with K2 and Magnesium for proper absorption.

Food Sources..mushrooms, liver, eggs, cheese, fatty fish,

Supplement with D/K2 min 2000iu daily.

Creatine… improves muscle function and muscle growth and repair, hydration and calcium regulation

Food Sources…Chicken pork beef, salmon

Supplement 5gm per day

Omega 3 (EPA/DHA)..anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects,

Food Sources…fatty fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts

Supplement 1g per day

Curcumin.. anti-inflammatory

You can try these supplements one or two at a time, to see if they have an effect individually, and eventually work out which supplement combination is best for you.  Again, reach out to us for more specific questions.