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Is our food becoming less nutritious?

Are the fruits and veggies less nutritious than they were 40 years ago? The short answer: Yes. Now let’s look at the reasons why. A study published in 2004 studied 43 common garden crops (carrots, potatoes, corn, etc) and compared how their nutritional value had changed between 1950 and 1999.  They found that protein content had […]

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How to detect your level of inflammation

Inflammation has been found to be associated with most health conditions in one way or another. After this article you’ll know: How inflammation may be affecting your body What signs to look for Which tests to ask your doctor for, to determine the severity Let’s look at which tests your doctor may do and gain […]

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Living with Chronic Pain – tools for pain management

Pain is Personal Each individual with chronic pain will struggle in their own way: emotionally, mentally, and physically.   Pain is identified as chronic when it lasts six months or longer. It may be constant, it may come and go, it may heal, or unfortunately last a lifetime. Your pain may make it hard to perform […]

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Coping Skills everyone MUST HAVE!

Healthy Coping Skills make for Good Mental Health. Children with strong Coping Skills will grow up knowing that they can care for themselves in times of need and manage their emotions in a healthy and intentional way. These skills aren’t just for children, they can help us as adults when we feel short tempered and […]