Physiotherapy Corner: Shockwave Therapy!

Nov 8, 2023



Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that applies low frequency sound waves to an injury, with the goal of stimulating a natural healing response from the body. It’s highly effective in the treatment of several musculoskeletal disorders including chronic tendinopathies such as rotator cuff or calcific tendinopathy of the shoulder, lateral epicondylalgia/tennis or golfers elbow, patellar tendinopathies, and achilles tendinopathies; as well as plantar fasciitis and other soft tissue conditions. Shockwave therapy has been shown to provide symptom relief, especially when pain is persistent. It promotes blood flow and revascularization, and stimulates cell growth and tissue remodeling.
Talk to our Physiotherapist to find out if you may benefit from shockwave therapy!