The importance of keeping mobile

Jan 24, 2018

What mobility can do for you

Our ability to move well is central to everything we do.
Being mobile allows us to live life to its fullest extent, doing what we need to do to engage fully.

Whether you want to exercise, play with your kids, do yard work, or any basic health pursuit, it is imperative that we maintain our mobility. Our ability to move our joints through their full range of motion with proper muscle coordination allows us to not only perform our tasks, but also to help prevent injuries while doing so. People rarely hurt themselves lifting something heavy from the floor. Usually, they hurt themselves picking up some small, innocuous object, but do it with such poor technique because of a lack of mobility. That is the cause of most injuries.

For example, having tight and restricted hips can cause us to over-flex our lumbar spine, and even when picking up something as light as a sock, we can hurt the spine because of the restriction in the hips causing our spine to compensate.

Mobility prevents injuries!

The more mobile you are, the more room you have to move in your body, and the less likely a muscle or joint will be strained or sprained. Also, it just feels good to be mobile. That is because when we move fully, we nourish the joints, tendons, and muscles with a healthy blood supply. Lastly, the more you move, the more you connect your nervous system to your muscles and joints, ensuring proper communication and control for healthy functioning and performance.

Beyond preventing injury, keeping mobile also allows us to fully experience life.
Mobility enables us to actively push and pursue our dreams. This becomes even more apparent as you age.
By the way, the number one reason for people entering a senior residence with support care is because of the inability to get off a toilet seat. For that reason alone, it is imperative to keep mobile!

Move Frequently and Fully!

So, whether your an Olympic level weightlifter, a weekend warrior, or someone who just wants to stay active and independent, mobility must be worked on daily. Even more so than strength and stability. We always tell our patients to move frequently and fully. We’d be happy to help you do so.