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Located in Downtown Kingston Ontario

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Great News And Fixing Your Neck Pain June 2020

Great news!We’re excited to announce that our office is now fully open!We took our time to ensure all the proper safety measures have been put in place. We’re confident of our procedures, and you can rest assured that you’ll be in a safe and welcoming environment. The pandemic-related lifestyle changes have likely placed new demands on […]

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Living with Chronic Pain – tools for pain management

Pain is Personal Each individual with chronic pain will struggle in their own way: emotionally, mentally, and physically.   Pain is identified as chronic when it lasts six months or longer. It may be constant, it may come and go, it may heal, or unfortunately last a lifetime. Your pain may make it hard to perform […]

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How to Sit comfortably

If you can learn different ways to organize your posture in sitting, this can make sitting for an extended time more comfortable and less stressful. Here is a very short and easy series of movements you can do in your chair to promote sitting with more awareness, variability and comfort. Movements 1. Sit at the front of […]