The Millennial Epidemic: Back-pain, Neck-pain, and Technology

Oct 2, 2015

Neck-Pain and Back-Pain have reached epidemic proportions.

Here at the Live Well Centre, we know – we see new patients in our office EVERY DAY.

We see patients who have gone far past the feeling of soreness or the aches & pains they once ignored…. these are people with a permanently slouched posture stance and the inability to properly move their head/necks… and BODIES!

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at the chart below.
These are simple searches at Google Trends for the words: Backpain and Neckpain since 2004

Please don’t suffer from body pain, it’s a sign that your body is being consistently and repeatedly stressed, strained, and injured.

Do yourself a favor and get an assessment from a doctor (such as Dr.Peter Pain and Dr. Laura Gifford who both offer FREE 15 minute consultations)
It may be recommended that you need manual therapy from a massage therapist, chiropractic adjustments for realignment, specific stretches for your workday or fitness routine.


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