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Living with Chronic Pain – tools for pain management

Pain is Personal Each individual with chronic pain will struggle in their own way: emotionally, mentally, and physically.   Pain is identified as chronic when it lasts six months or longer. It may be constant, it may come and go, it may heal, or unfortunately last a lifetime. Your pain may make it hard to perform […]

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How your posture is causing your headaches

The good news is that the suboccipitals are one of the areas that most clients absolutely LOVE to have treated!  Regular massage therapy treatments, including trigger point release, CranioSacral techniques, and other myofascial release techniques will assist in relaxing your suboccipital muscles. 

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Why you should STOP SLOUCHING!

The body is particularly proficient at adapting to the stresses and demands you create for it. Holding a slumped shoulder posture over long periods of time causes the pectoral (chest) muscles to shorten and become immobile and tight. As the body is one harmonized system