348 Bagot Street Unit 101

(613) 549-0866

Located in Downtown Kingston Ontario

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Coping Skills everyone MUST HAVE!

Healthy Coping Skills make for Good Mental Health. Children with strong Coping Skills will grow up knowing that they can care for themselves in times of need and manage their emotions in a healthy and intentional way. These skills aren’t just for children, they can help us as adults when we feel short tempered and […]

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Plan a mental health weekend

Guess what? The use of life-enhancing devices such as cell phones and laptops has not changed the fact that you have too much to accomplish each day. And, with only twenty-four hours available, you try your best to get the most from each hour. That would be easy if you only had one hat to […]

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Depression, Anxiety, and Moodiness

Mental Health is a topic for everyone Did you know that most people will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in their lives? Depression, anxiety, moodiness – Its very common but not talked about. There are a lot of thing you can do to help yourself feel better naturally. Having a healthy […]