Work From Home with Dr.Pain

Apr 7, 2020

Hey there!These are certainly different times for all of us!

With all of us spending so much more time at home sitting on our computers this can pose an enormous amount of physical stress to our bodies. We understand the challenges  of our current situations and the level of stress this is creating. We have heard from so many of you asking for advice on how to physically manage these new working conditions.

To make working from home more productive and rewarding in this crazy situation,  it is imperative that you consider a few key strategies, and we are here to help!
These strategies will not only keep you productive, but more importantly, keep you healthy,  mobile and in less need for outside treatments.

So read on to learn where we need to focus, and be sure to watch the video above for details.  Of course, if you have any questions, reach out to us through email ( or phone (613-549-0866).


Set aside a particular work space, apart from your day to day living space.  Studies show that when we have a specific space set up for our work, we are less likely to be depressed when working at home, and we will be more productive.  We are less likely to be distracted.   We want to keep home life and work life as distinct as possible

Our ergonomic set-up.

We don’t want to work from a couch or a bed, but ideally at a desk or table set at a suitable height.  There should be enough space for your computer, distanced straight in front of you at eye level.  If you are using a lap-top, place it on some books to raise it to eye level, and use an external key-board to ease the strain on your neck and shoulders. This is a purchase that is definitely worth every penny. As adjusting the height on the lap top regularly can greatly reduce chronic strain.


Speaking of neck and shoulders, it is imperative that you keep a healthy upright posture. Sit tall, with your shoulders under your ears,  your back is upright, not slouched, and your feet are resting on the ground with your hips at less than 90 degrees. Watch for an entire separate video on this coming soon!


This is the most critical aspect of all when working from home.  It is imperative that we keep moving throughout the day.  You can change your position and workstation, to go from a sitting position for a while to a standing position.  Take a micro break every 20-30 minutes, as demonstrated in the video.   And make sure you go for a longer walk several times during the day.  This is vital to health, as we are no longer walking to work, or walking from our parking spot to our work,  or to meet our co-workers form lunch.

We have to set up some purposeful walks throughout the day. Several 20 minute walks is a good way to recharge our brains, get our blood flowing, and prevent the compressive stress and strain on our bodies from sitting for long periods.  We all know our bodies were designed to move, so make sure you treat it well with a good walk throughout the day.

If you have any questions about these, again email me at or call us at 613-549-0866.Good for you if are working from home, but please do it safely and wisely!

Stay healthy and safe, Drs Peter Pain and Laura Gifford and the team at The LiveWell Centre