Corona Virus

Mar 12, 2020

The Coronavirus: What can we do?

The headlines are scary. A global pandemic is threatening to shutdown our interactive economy, and causing people to change how they live their life.

The coronavirus is here, and it will affect many people. But luckily, the vast majority will overcome the illness with only some minor symptoms. The people who are most at risk for more serious consequences are those with compromised immune systems. You can stay updated on the confirmed cases here.

The people most severely effected by COVID-19 in China were older men (greater than 60) who smoked (more men smoke than women in China).

Here in North America, it is going to affect people slightly differently. Here, it is people that are a senior age, or those with an underlying disease that have a compromised immune system that are most at risk.

Unfortunately, that includes a large number of people, as many suffer from chronic heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

On the flip side though, these are also conditions that lifestyle can have a large influence over. It is never too late, nor too early to make changes to your lifestyle that can help protect yourself against these underlying diseases and thereby lowering your risk.

In the meantime, what can we to to right now to ensure our immune system is as strong as it can be?

Follow these 6 steps everyday to keep your immune system strong! 

1) Diet. It is paramount to follow a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, with a large mixture of vegetables and healthy fats, while avoiding sugar as m much as possible.

2) Get adequate sleep, rest, and recovery. 8-9 hours of sleep at a minimum to keep your body well maintained.

3) Keep exercising regularly. Science shows that mild to moderate exercise intensity at regular intervals boosts our immune system.

4) Make sure you are well hydrated. Our body is nearly 80% fluid, and we need to stay well hydrated to keep our immune system fluid and working well. Be careful with alcohol and caffeine intake, as they dehydrate us.

5) Avoid prolonged stress and negative environments. Again, science shows that prolonged stressful situations and staying in negativity will deplete our immune system. Try not to get caught up in endless negative news cycles or hang with overly negative people. Be informed but stay positive and proactive.

6) Use good hygiene habits. It’s common sense to wash our hands regularly.

These are all simple but effective things we can do. Yes, this virus may change how we live, but don’t let it stop you from living completely. Give your body the best chance it has to protect itself, your health depends on it.

Live Well!
Dr Peter Pain, Chiropractor

The LiveWell Centre