Dr. Pain’s top 6 back stretches and Micro-break routine

Apr 20, 2020

Good day!
How are you making out?

This certainly is tough, but I am hopeful we are over the half-way point. We’ll get through this.

Remember, your health is the upmost importance right now. That is your defense shield. So keep a healthy routine as much as you can, with daily exercise, healthy meals (now easier to do as a family!), a way to ease the cumulative stress (meditation, communication) and a normal sleep schedule.

Part of keeping healthy is regular movement. We should be moving all our joints and muscles through their full range of motion every day. We have all heard “We lose what we don’t use.” True.
Regular stretching protects our joints and muscles with lubrication, a healthy blood supply and nutrients, and decreases the chance of injury with strains.

The vast majority of the population will have some sort of major low back pain at some point in their life. That doesn’t have to happen, as most is preventable.

These are the top 6 stretches that I (Dr. Pain) recommend we do every day. Take a look, they only take 3 minutes to do, so try to do these at least once a day.


For those that are working from home, remember to take lots of short “micro-breaks” throughout the day. It is imperative that we get up and move for as minute every 20-30 minutes, to reset ourselves before fatigue and compression forces set in. That is much better than working for long periods with long breaks.

Micro-breaks are very simple, here is Dr. Laura Gifford demonstrating how and why to break. Check it out, you’ll be more productive and less likely to develop aches and pains while working at a desk.


Don’t forget, now is a great time to try LiveWell’s 20 in 30 program.

Fun and healthy challenges you can do anywhere!

We miss seeing so many of you, and look forward to helping you in person soon.

Remember, Drs Pain and Gifford are still open and seeing patients for necessary musculoskeletal care, so if you are hurting, call us at 613-549-0866, or email us at