Micro-Break Exercises…Stop the Pain!

Jan 24, 2018

Have you ever wondered why your neck and back feel stiff after a long day’s work, when all you have been doing is sitting at the computer?

The human body is designed for movement.

Studies show that after only 20-30 minutes of sitting, the ligaments and connective tissue holding us together deforms and changes shape.  It is after a pro-longed time in this deformed state that this tissue weakens, and is no longer able to do it’s job of stabilizing us.  Also, blood flow is diminished.  But most importantly, the nerves associated with these joints and muscles get down-regulated.

In a sense, our brain no longer pays attention to those areas after a certain period.  This is also why that prolonged sitting is now associated with many other conditions and diseases, besides just painful and stiff joints.

This can all be prevented though, with the simple act of taking frequent, short micro-breaks!  A micro-break, as described here, only takes 30-60 seconds, but is enough too effectively

At your desk, on a break, or before and after a long meeting, these stretches can help prevent you from getting stiff during the workday.
Try them at the end of the day, to relieve stress before you head home.