Top Core Strength Exercises [FOR HOME]

Apr 30, 2020

Hey there!
How are you doing?

It’s been a long seven weeks.  We miss seeing everyone in person, and look forward to helping you soon. That soon is coming fast, and we’re currently planning how to adjust the clinic to fully opening again.  We’ll outline the details once those plans are in place.

In the meantime, remember Drs Pain and Gifford are currently seeing urgent musculoskeletal care cases.  So if you are in pain and need to be seen, please give our office a call or email our front desk at  We are working half the normal shifts, and will be able to fit you in shortly.

We’ve been sending you info about how to keep healthy at home.  You’re an interactive participant in your health, you control your health.   Don’t let this virus give you a victim mindset.  Take advantage of this time to really change and set your health on the right path.

So many people we see  get themselves hurt because they simply don’t  have adequate core strength.  This video by Dr Pain lays out 4 simple exercise to strengthen your core.

Dr.Pain’s Core Exercises

These should be done every day, but at the minimum every other day.  Once you train and strengthen your core, you have to be in the habit of always keeping it engaged, for any type of movement.  It is not just for lifting heavy things, but to stabilize and protect your spine from any movements.  Talk to us if you need any help with this.

Last time we also gave you some simple ways to take a micro break.  Micro breaks are critical to prevent muscle fatigue and pain, as well as stimulating to help you be more productive.  Dr Gifford demonstrated how to move and work your shoulders and upper back last time, this time she demonstrates what you can do for your hips when you’re sitting for long breaks.

Dr.Gifford Micro-Break for the Hips

There’s no better time to make a shift in your health and habits.  Lets use the next 30 days wisely, and come out better than when this all started!

It’s the perfect time to try our 20 in 30 program. Twenty fun, simple and healthy challenges to improve your health in the next 30 days.  Exercises, nutritional challenges and more.  Try a few, or all of them, and let us know how you feel!

No cost.  Only your best effort!   

Check out the 20 in 30 Challenge Here

A final thing that is so easy right now, is to simply get more sunlight.  We naturally produce Vitamin D from sunlight, which is so critical to maintain a healthy immune system.  And it appears that sunlight also slows the virus.  (But don’t take it as far as what Trump says!)  A win-win!  So take advantage of the nice weather this weekend and get outside!  Maintain your distance, but lap up the sunlight!

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr Peter Pain, Dr Laura Gifford
Live Well… From A Distance