How to prepare for the holidays

Dec 2, 2015

The Holidays Are Coming

Get yourself ready!  With the holidays,  prepare for the stress that comes with them.

Yes , there will be stress, but you can minimize the effects of that stress to get the most enjoyment out of your time.   We want to give you the best ways to do so,  by making the right health choices.

In any stressful time in your life, health has to be the foundation that supports all you are trying to do. Much like a bank, the more health-focused “deposits” you put in, the more you can draw from when you need it, especially in times of stress. Optimal health is what will get you through these stressful periods, and allow you to enjoy the remainder of the year.


These are the top 5 ways to maximize your health for the upcoming holidays in the next few weeks.


1. Nourish with Omega’s:  Your brain consumes and uses a great amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  They also serve to keep to your immune system healthy by regulating inflammation, help to promote a healthy heart and protect against chronic disease.  To help your body and brain keep up with the demands and stress, we recommend that you ensure an adequate supply of Omega 3 Fatty acids, commonly found in fish oil, from a reputable and healthy source. Even if you are eating fish on a regular basis (which can be toxic in high amounts unfortunately with our present environment). Aim for taking 3000 mg per day.

2. Exercise every day. Exercise improves oxygen to our brain, while helping to regulate the control of hormones needed for healthy metabolism and energy. It is also simply a great stress reliever. Most of the world’s great experts and top thinkers include exercise as a way to stimulate creativity and refresh their minds. It can as simple as a 20-30 minute walk, or an intense interval Crossfit style workout, yoga, or whatever. The key is to spend at least 20 minutes moving your body to the point that increases your heart rate and respiration to a moderate level. You will feel the benefit immediately.

3. Stretch and mobilize frequently throughout the day. This may seem counter-productive, as every waking hour needs to be focused on studying and memorizing, right? But the brain can’t focus if you are in pain, or are not sleeping well because of stiffness and muscle soreness from too much sitting. Here, stretching and mobilizing is like an investment, where 10 minutes of focused stretching and moving, give you hours of productive study times, with less pain. Here is a good example of a quick micro-break to use when working or sitting, but if you want further help, please reach out to us with an email.

4. Magnesium. It truly is a wonder supplement. It can give you a sound sleep and help your muscles recover from a tense day. We need approximately 300-400 Mg per day, but that can go way up if you are stressed or exercising. We, therefore, recommend trying a Mg supplement, starting with 200 Mg/ day taken at night. People who have tried this have found a remarkable change in the quality of their sleep as well as a reduction in suffering from symptoms such as headaches and muscle pain. This is a fairly cheap and safe supplement, and available at The LiveWell Centre, or most pharmacies.

5. Eliminate the effects of stress with getting a chiropractic adjustment or massage. Stress sets off a whole cascade of biochemical reactions, that can interfere with your ability to focus and enjoy yourself.. Give your body a fighting chance, get an adjustment to relieve the effects of stress (stimulates blood-flow, endorphins, inhibits pain, allows easier and more efficient movement) or a massage to ease sore and tight muscles. Simply call our office or email us at to get an appointment.

Remember, the Holidays are to be enjoyed!  Take the time and give your health a boost.

Good Luck!!!

By:  Dr.Peter Pain