The Perfect Breakfast

Dec 8, 2018

You’ve probably got a busy schedule in the mornings:
– Getting the kids dressed
– Letting the dog out
– Staying on schedule so you’re not late for work…

Finding the time for a healthy breakfast isn’t always a possibility but we’re starting a new year in a few short weeks and it’s the right time to MAKE TIME.

The first meal of the day is what breaks your fast from the night before.
A well planned meal can keep you fueled and full until lunch.

Planning a meal that keeps you feeling satiated and satisfied will cut down on unnecessary snacking (without the need for a lot of will power) which will:

  • Have you spending less money on pricey snacks
  • Keep you eating natural whole foods (not processed packaged garbage)
  • Save you the time you’d spend looking for snacks, prepping them, cleaning up etc

Let’s look at the 4 keys to a healthy breakfast:


Best sources of protein:
Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Chicken, Fish
LEFTOVER DINNER!! (Yes, Dinner for breakfast)

Best sources of healthy fats:
Coconut Oil, Nutbutters, Seeds (chia hemp), Avocado

Best sources of fibre:
Berries, Flax Seeds

Best sources of low-glycemic carbohydrates:
(foods that keep your blood sugar levels from getting too high)
Berries, Crunchy Green Vegitables

Breakfast ideas to get your metabolism going and set into HIGH GEAR for your morning:

  • Smoothie: Nuts, Seeds, Non-Dairy Milk
  • Omega-3 Eggs sauteed with dark leafy greens
  • Hard boiled egg (prepped the night before) with apple and nut butter
  • Black beans with brown rice
  • Last nights dinner like Miso Soup with roast chicken


What NOT to eat?


Breakfast cereals are (usually) 75% sugar and refined carbs
This is less like breakfast and more like dessert.