Are you fit and ready for the summer?

Jan 24, 2018

Get Set for an Active Summer!

Warm weather is finally here,  and we can start our plans for the summer: camping, canoeing, hiking, running, sports etc.  To ensure that you’re moving efficiently, and using your body the way it was designed to be used, you want to consider having a Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

When we move inefficiently and compensate for lack of mobility we put ourselves at a much greater risk for injury.    We also don’t perform to our full potential. Everyone’s number one goal should be to preserve your body and prevent injury; and the FMS will show you how to do that in the most effective and efficient way.


The FMS is a series of screens that analyze movements used during daily activities. It tells us how we move and how our body responds to different challenges. By performing the screen we can identify how we compensate for weaknesses or tightness and if/where we put unnecessary strain on the body. The screen will quickly identify inefficient movement patterns that lead to discomfort and injury.

The results of the FMS are used to develop an exercise program that will target areas that need improvement. All exercises are multi-joint functional movement exercises that correct faulty movement patterns and strengthen weak areas. The


FMS is easy to administer; it only takes about 45 minutes including a pre-screening consultation and a breathing and posture analysis!


Are you an athlete?

The answer is Yes!  Everybody has an inner athlete, make sure your’s is functioning well!

The FMS is designed to be an effective means of movement analysis for everybody from children to seniors to high level athletes. It is used by just about every pro athletic team, to assess level of injury risk, and to spot any weaknesses that need to be corrected.   Here are the Seattle Seahawks athletes before they begin their training each season, being tested by physicians and physical therapists with the FMS.

The FMS is the gold standard in movement analysis for good reason: it is the most effective means of determining what kind of corrective exercises will be most beneficial to each individual.  By taking the time to have an FMS done you are taking a very important step in maintaining your vitality. You can start building a healthier, straighter, stronger you that will stay active and injury free for life!