The LiveWell Centre

our 3 step plan


At The LiveWell Centre, we know that you want to be a pain-free healthier version of yourself. In order to do that, you need a system to get out of pain. The problem is, you don’t know how, which makes you feel anxious and fearful.

We believe you can feel great and confident again. We understand how you are feeling, which is why we have helped thousands of people with conditions just like yours. Here’s how we do it:


Simply email us at, or call our front desk at 613-549-0866, and we will schedule you for our next available appointment.

 Step 2: Comprehensive Examination

We will send you some forms so we can get the vital health history and information from you. During your first appointment, we will carefully review your health history.

We will explore all relevant factors that led you to be in pain, and what past and present lifestyle parameters are most important.
We will look at the short term, as well as potentially the long term influencers in your health. Is this an acute episode, or something that has been going on for a long time? We will then conduct the appropriate orthopedic, neurologic and chiropractic tests and procedures to determine what is injured, and what is the source.

Are there muscle imbalances? Compensation patterns in how you move? Signs of serious ligament or joint injury? What is the status of your bone structure? Are there misalignments or distortions? Are there signs of serious soft-tissue damage or a disc injury? Are nerves affected, being “pinched”? Are other body systems affected, such as digestion, balance, respiration? Any serious red flags that require immediate referral to Emergency Medical Services?

The information we gather during this process, which usually takes about 30 minutes, will determine if X-rays are also needed. If X-rays are required, we will send you to a facility nearby, where we have results very quickly. X-rays are covered by your Provincial Health Plan.

 Step 3: We Create a Specific Plan to Get You Moving and Feeling Great Again

We have all your information; history, how you move and function, what tissue is injured and what is compensating. We have ruled out any serious health red flags that require immediate medical attention. Now the fun begins!

We get to work!
We will put together a plan to first treat and take care of the pain.

Our first priority is to get you feeling better so you can move again without pain. We will help with inflammation and compensations so you can work and play properly without fear of further damage. This may include specific spinal and joint adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue work, traction, and some modalities like laser, heat, ice, and interferential current.

We will also work on establishing a plan to correct the bad functional patterns, how you move, to make sure this isn’t something that comes back. How you bend, twist, squat and reach. We will assess and correct your posture, how you sit, how you sleep, your work environment, to eliminate underlying contributing factors to your pain.

Finally, we will help you get fit and functionally healthy again. We can help guide you to do the right exercises and movements so you maximize your health and get the full experience of life. We will recommend any key supplements that will help, either to reduce discomfort or to enhance your health and performance.

And all the advice you need on important parameters such as sleep, rest and recovery, diet, stress and exercise to maximize your recovery level and health.

We are excited and looking forward to working with you! Dr’s Peter Pain and Laura Gifford