How to naturally detox your body

Jul 20, 2018

How to naturally detox your body and warning signs that your body needs it.

Short-term benefits from a detox:


Signs you need a detox:

  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Abnormal Acne
  • White tongue/ Bad breath
  • General Aches and Pains
  • Mood swings

5 Benefits of a detox:

Liver Cleanse: Your liver is responsible for hormone balancing

Calming Inflammation: Many diseases are caused by inflammation (arthritis, ulcerative colitis)

Aids in weight loss: For when you’re exercising and eating well but your weight is slow to come off

Healthier Skin: Redness, Puffiness, and Patchy Skin or congested skin

Low Mood: Detoxing can help overcome low mood and mental fatigue

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Healthy Detox Step One: Heal your gut lining

Address any food sensitivities ( remove dairy/corn/whichever foods you’re sensitive to)

Cut out irritants such as gluten, legumes, and refined sugars.

Consume gut healing foods like BONE BROTH

Replace processed foods with whole foods (fruits, vegetables, local meat)


Healthy Detox Step Two: Incorporate healing herbs

Mint: Helps detoxify your blood

Dandelion: Helps detoxify your liver

Ginger: Helps detoxify your gut

Cinnamon: Helps reduce inflammation

Improve fluid exchange:



Help detoxify your kidneys and adrenal glands:


Help Detoxify your liver:




Healthy Detox Step Three: Incorporate essential oils

Orange: Detox liver and lymphatic system

Tumeric: Detox Liver and Kidneys

Rosemary: Detox Adrenals


Healthy Detox Step Four: Make new lifestyle plans

Removing foods in your diet that are associated with high levels of pesticides

Avoiding plastics, styrofoam, and teflon

Temporary Intermittent fasting:

Skipping breakfast and only eating during a small, say 6 hour, window will give your body 18 hours to rest and heal.  Try this for a few days to reduce the amount of activity that your stomach is performing. The key is to eat healthy whole foods during your eating window and staying hydrated with water.

Spending time swimming in the ocean where there are high levels of magnesium.

Grounding yourself by standing barefoot in the grass, walking on sand or dirt without shoes.

Exercising outside to absorb vitamin d and feel closer to the elements

Using food as medicine


Your body is capable of more than you could imagine, listen to your body’s warning signs and take the initiative to find a solution.

Best of luck




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