348 Bagot Street Unit 101

(613) 549-0866

Located in Downtown Kingston Ontario

Catherine Konopelky

Registered Massage Therapist
Registered Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

I grew up loving the outdoors in a bilingual Northern Ontario community. I studied Health Sciences and French at the University of Western Ontario. I worked for several years as a Personal Trainer and a Pilates and Yoga instructor in Toronto. On-going interest in health and wellness lead me to become a Registered Massage Therapist where I worked at a physiotherapy clinic and at my home practice in Guelph Ontario for 10 years.

In 2015 I completed the 5-year program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO). Currently, I’m working on a thesis called ‘Global Osteopathic Treatment for Headaches Attributed to Automobile Whiplash’. I plan to graduate as a Registered Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in November 2017.

Osteopathy is not yet regulated in Ontario or in Canada so it is important to inquire about the training of an Osteopath to ensure safe treatment with results. The Canadian College of Osteopathy has a 5 to 7-year Osteopathic program based in Toronto while the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has a 4-year Osteopathy program based in Hamilton. Some health plans cover both massage therapy and osteopathy treatment so please inquire with yours prior to treatment.


$110.00 for 60 minutes

$95.00 for 45 minutes

$65.00 for 30 minutes


  • 348 Bagot Street Kingston, ON


  • (613) 549-0866
  • 613-549-4113



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