348 Bagot Street Unit 101

(613) 549-0866

Located in Downtown Kingston Ontario

Colton Sedore

Fitness Trainer/Consultant

I’ve been involved in fitness and sports my entire life. Growing up playing hockey every single weekend, and trying to join any sports team I could, it was clear to me that fitness was my passion. There are many different reasons why we choose exercise. Whether that be to increase your sport performance, reduce health risks, or just to look and feel better, I can help you achieve those goals.
My training philosophy is centered around creating an environment that not only motivates you, but also also empowers you to continually challenge yourself in a fun and rewarding way. Together we will transform the quality of your life through active participation in fitness related activities and client specific tailored fitness programs, to help make your health goals a reality.
“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn
Fitness and Health Promotions Graduate 2017
OFC Platinum RHEP Personal Training Certification
Get Fit 21 Certfied Health Coach
Standard First Aid and CPR “C” with AED
Training Specialties:

Strength and Conditioning
Dynamic and Static Stretching
Nutrition and Weight Management




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