Learn about Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy!!

Jul 18, 2011


As a wellness based chiropractor, one of my main focuses over the last decade has been pregnancy.  Most pregnant women will seek me out for 1 of 3 reasons:

1)  pain

2)  to facilitate labour and delivery

3)   in-utero positioning

All of which are ultimately all about pelvic mechanics and balance.

I love checking a pregnant woman’s pelvis for the first time; feeling for the correct mechanics, checking for muscle imbalances, tight ligaments and poor positioning.  It is exciting to find things are amiss…because then we can work together to correct them!!

The goal is not simply to help with pain, but give the baby more room in-utero so that he/she can get into optimal fetal position. Also to ensure that the woman’s sacrum can actually move, something that is imperative for optimal delivery.

There is great satisfaction in adjusting and correcting a pregnant woman’s pelvis and then seeing the neuromuscular effects of balance and relaxation. If the baby happens to be in a breech (head up) position they tend to float head down naturally after a specialized adjustment to the pelvis and surrounding musculature.  Simply given enough space the baby’s head is so heavy they tend to end up upside down!  If the baby is already in optimal position, proper pelvic mechanics and optimal space will ultimately help both mom and babe during delivery.  Considering the strain and stress woman put on their pelvis through the years it is becoming more and more important to have a check up. (More on tween girls and pelvic mechanics in future blogs!)

I will work with women from conception to term and sometimes beyond!  Because I have had three children myself, I feel the care I give is not only about fixing mechanics but about listening to stories, answering questions and trying to quell fears.  One of the biggest problems to overcome during labour is fear.  I feel that if I can reassure a woman that her pelvis is in good shape, is moving, and, is balanced and ready to dance with her baby this makes a huge difference.  Chiropractic care can be very empowering for a pregnant woman.  It makes her feel that she is actively doing something to help with labour and delivery!  It feels good to be healthy.  It feels good to know you are taking care of yourself, and it feels good to get adjusted!!

Written By: Dr. Laura Gifford