Fitness is important for Golf!

Golf season is fully upon us, finally!

As golf might not appear that athletic, the truth is that it will require some degree of fitness, flexibility and strength. To have the ability to play your best upon the golf course and prevent injury, you must incorporate a fitness regimen. It’s even more vital for the casual golfer who’s getting on up there in age.

Here are some basic golf fitness tips to have a great season.  But if there are any particular questions about a specific condition or injury, please ask us.




1) Cardiovascular: Cardio exercises will strengthen your lungs and heart. As golf is not necessarily the more demanding one on your heart, walking eighteen holes along a golf course could sap your energy. The less tired you feel as you’re playing, the better your ability to maintain proper form as you’re swinging the clubs. You’ll additionally have the ability to concentrate and make improved shot selections. To develop the cardiovascular system, light jogs or walks each day will be sufficient. Swimming includes a low impact choice which could additionally improve your strength and muscle tone.


2) Strength training: Strength includes a crucial portion of your golf swing. You’ll have to have powerful muscles in order to sustain stability through the swing as well as to grip your club. The stronger you will be, the faster you could swing the club and create higher ball speed for lengthier distances upon the fairway. Weight training could be comprised of lifting moderate-heavy weights twice a week. Focus on those muscles you utilize while playing golf – your arms, legs, stomach and back.

Stretching before and after golf is important

3) Flexibility: A limber and flexible body will assure that you’ll be less likely to become injured as you play golf. It’ll additionally make the swing smoother and less stiff, allowing for straighter and longer shots.


4) Concentrate on core stability: The core includes your torso – the portions of the body which are actively engaged in the swing. You wish to do exercises which will strengthen the trunk region and core. It’ll give you the needed stability within your swing.


5) Concentrate on balance: If you possess good balance, you’ll have the ability to transfer weight within your swing sustaining stability through the motion. Excellent balance additionally will improve your movement speed and reaction time.


Lastly, do not forget nutrition. Golf could be a lengthy game and you’ll require food you burn gradually throughout your day on the fairway.   That means lots of protein and complex carbs.  Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and try to reserve the alcohol for the 19th hole!

A great way to get in shape quickly and with the highest functionality, is to join one of our Primal Fit classes, which are high intensity strength and cardio classes taught in our fitness studio several times a week.  Just call us for details!


Get out and enjoy the golf!




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