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3 Beginner Core Exercises

Exercises for Core Strength  Training your core can be tough at first. If you’re unsure how to properly train your core, you could have improper form which leads to pain, discomfort and potential for injury – Yeiks. If you feel pain from poor form, you might feel like your core is weak or unable to […]

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Get a job at the best clinic in Kingston!

We want you to join our team! {trust us – you’ll love it here} Do you… want to make a *BIG* difference in the lives of others? enjoy working within your community? look forward to connecting with others? like to see others become their absolute best? wake up every morning dedicated to getting better at everything […]

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The 6 Fundamental Movement Patterns

It’s finally spring! A great time to get into a physical movement practice – if you don’t already have a routine in place. Here’s a common question we hear about fitness – what is Functional Movement. Let’s look at the difference between traditional weight training and functional movement exercise. Traditional Weight Training vs Functional Movement […]

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Healthy Smoothie How To

What are the best super-foods to include in smoothies? Spirulina (nutrient heavy) Coconut Oil (healthy fat) Flax Seeds (ground for easy absorption) Gogi Berries (antioxidants) Chia Seeds HempSeeds (for protein) Cocoa Nibs (antioxidants) What should the fruit to veggie ratio be in a smoothie? You can’t go wrong eating fresh whole foods, don’t get too […]

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Magnesium Deficiency – What you need to know

If there was a popularity contest – magnesium definitely wouldn’t win. I don’t know why it’s so underappreciated – but it should be! Step aside calcium and vitamin B12…. we’re going to talk all about MAGNESIUM today. A magnesium deficiency might look like this: Headaches High Blood Sugar Hormone Imbalances and more KEY FACTS: It helps regulate calcium, sodium, […]