How Can I Get Better Chiropractic Care?

How can I get the most out of my adjustments?

Simply, by keeping yourself moving both before and after a chiropractic treatment.

People have long sought chiropractic care for a vast variety of injuries and conditions.

A key factor in any patient’s recovery is what they are doing outside of the chiropractic office. The most important influencer on your physical recovery is how much movement you are doing throughout the day. Chiropractic care helps to restore normal and efficient mechanical mobility to the body, which naturally stimulates the nervous system, keeps healthy tissues flush and lubricated, stimulates circulation and prevents the degeneration of our musculoskeletal system.   We all know that the body was designed to move,no matter what age or prior history, and has the capacity to maintain healthy joint mobility and function.

We also know that when a patient sees a chiropractor for an adjustment, positive neural stimulation quickly follows.  A door opens immediately after the chiropractic adjustment, that allows the patient to further improve and enhance the effects of that adjustment.   Whether a patient has been in pain for a short time, or is suffering from a chronic process, there are going to be faulty mechanics, perhaps related to poor lifestyle choices.  An adjustment will greatly restore better health to the injured area, but the patient needs to move soon after to optimize that change.  In other words, if a patient immediately returns to their office and sits for another 4-6 hours at a computer terminal, then drives home, and finally crashes on the couch for another 2 hours of television, the positive effects of the adjustment can diminish quickly.


However, with a simple protocol of short but frequent position changes and stimulatory exercises, the effects of the chiropractic adjustment are enhanced and maintained. Take a 1-minute “mini-stretch” every 30 minutes by simply walking around the office. The key here is short but very frequent changes in body position and dynamics, where the neural imprinting is laid for permanency.   This is much better than working/sitting for a long period of time followed by a long but infrequent exercise session.  Scientific study shows the degenerative changes are already taking place in the joints in as little as 30 minutes of sitting.  This is avoided with moving regularly.

This is one simple but very key concept when looking at our physical health.  The intensity doesn’t have to be high to get the result, but the consistency does.  Your body and your health will thank you.